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Hocus Pocus Potions Lotions! August 8, 2008

This will be my new category with product reviews for everything from the drugstore to the department store to the doctor’s office.

The best and the worst products for everything from acne to aging – from sunspots to sunscreens; from cellulite to celebrity favorites!

As always – I’m just getting started – so STAY TUNED!


The following links have suggestions for some magical potions and lotions:


Take a BeautyPill for Acne

Tip of the Day

Everyone hates getting pimples! And while practically every beauty product line out there has some “quick fix” for acne, we all know that even while some may work better than others, none of them work as quickly as we would like.

And while my tip is no permanent “fix,” it’s a great temporary concealer! And it’s cheap, quick and easy and you probably already have it in your home.

Just use visine! It gets the red out!

If you have a pimple, picked a pimple, popped a pimple, squeezed a pimple (you get the drift) – drop some VISINE on it – under your makeup – and it will “get the red out” – and take your (and anyone’s elses) focus off the pimple – and back onto your beautiful face ;)*