Alina’s Advice As A Beauty Advocate

ABOUT ALINA August 5, 2008


Thank you for reading my BeautyPill!

Let me introduce myself. I’m Alina Kaganovsky. I’m 30 years old. I grew up in New York City – Rego Park and Forest Hills, Queens to be exact. Then family moved to Long Island during my high school days. I was just married (it was the last thing anyone expected from me) in March (in Saint Lucia) to Arthur – he’s incredible! We live in Battery Park with Bunny (our Italian Greyhound) and Mishka (our Japanese Chin/Yorkshire Terrier mix) and we may as well have a white picket fence at the doorway to apartment – we’re quintessentially happy!

I graduated New York University with a BA in French Literature and Psychology and then I graduated Brooklyn Law School passed the New York Bar Exam and dabbled in entertainment law. Only then did I figure I didn’t want to be a lawyer.

But now, I’m taking it back to my roots. Since both my parents are doctors, I’m no stranger to health and medicine. It has always been a focus in our home – the latest medical and health developments were the most popular topics of conversation. And I always had an interest in related topics; particularly, when it came to beauty. So here, I’d love to share my knowledge as an “insider” to the industry.  I could be your “fly on the wall,” if you will, to conversations, discussions and debates among doctors of all specialties ranging from the most basic to the most controversial products, treatments and procedures.

I’ll write about the latest procedures offered by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic dentists, and cosmetologists. I’ll discuss the latest scientific breakthroughs in cosmetics, treatments, and skincare.


One Response to “ABOUT ALINA”

  1. nunya Says:

    You are spamming the fucking shit out of entertainment sites- though you dont want to be a lawyer or in entertainment IP, you sure are using both to annoy the fuck out consumers. Web adverts are already annoying by proxy, but yours are especially so, taking up the length of the page (i.e., not an advert but a whole article).

    Here is a clue (helping you get one)- no one needs your brand of silver bullet health/marketing. Reality is healthy living outside of RX. You send a horrible message to the youth of today and tomorrow, and should be ashamed – wasting all that money in school just to learn nothing.

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