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Great New Pregnancy Site! March 30, 2009

Pregnancy Girl is a great new resource for pregnant girls everywhere!  This just launched sneak peak site (full site coming soon) is a wonderful resource for moms-to-be bringing you interesting information about trying to conceive, getting pregnant, having a healthy pregnancy as well as childbirth, taking care of your newborn and beyond. It offers great tips on pregnancy tests, charting fertility patterns to get pregnant, and gives great information on infertility.

Pregnancy Girl brings you daily updated pregnancy articles and a new full version of the site should be launched in about a month. The new version will have a store that sells everything you want through the stages of pregnancy and beyond. Product reviews will also be there from expert moms to help you choose all the necessaries you’ll want to have while you’re expecting.

There will also be great prizes, giveaways and free stuff for moms (including an orbit baby stroller system)! So don’t forget to sign up for the Pregnancy Girl newsletter – you won’t want to miss what’s coming!